It’s not because it has porn.

the modern trinity of love and happiness

onlyfans plagues every corner of the internet nowadays. And it has an aggressive marketing involved. Mind blowing: by its users, not by the platform itself.

But onlyfans and its use has a darker implication than porn addiction. And it’s not the rise of the porn entrepreneur or the legal trade between the porn entrepreneur and the voyeur subscriber.

It’s the low standards and expectations that onlyfans subscribers have come to have in this gut wrenching pandemic.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or a girl.

One thing’s for sure: if you’re not happily…

This is a bit cruel, by the way.

“I want you to help me catch a killer of women”

This is how a journalist asks a young woman, who has survived severe emotional and sexual abuse, to help him.

And there is nothing else she would like more.

Now, compare that to the comic relief — also known as bathos — of Marvel movies.

There’s been a wave of mixed feelings for the way the latest Marvel movies incorporated this comic relief.

And it seems that while at first this was sprinkled carefully throughout their movies, this comic relief has…

Let’s see how the Jedi get their Messiah.

And fail him.

This is Part 2.

Part 1 here: What if George Lucas made the Jedi Order a psychologically flawed cult, a cult that’s traumatising its own disciples? On purpose.


Anakin hides his marriage with Padme and their unborn children.

In Episode III, when he’s having premonitions about his wife and children, Anakin is reaching out to Yoda, in search of advice.

Without, actually, telling Yoda about his fears for his family’s safety.

And that’s why Yoda gives him the worst possible piece of advice, ever.

If Yoda truly wanted…

What if George Lucas made the Jedi Order a psychologically flawed cult, a cult that’s traumatising its own disciples? On purpose.

This is Part 1.

Part 2: Let’s see how the Jedi get their Messiah. And fail him.

Even if they are a crossover between Bruce Lee and the Inquisition, it doesn’t mean that Jedis are role models.

When it comes to Jedis, George Lucas made one of two things: an error or something brilliant.

Star wars has it all:

  • alien worlds,
  • space ships
  • and the almighty good v evil theme.

But in truth, the Star Wars trilogies are coming…

How ironic.

We’ve all heard about visual footprint. But what does that mean, exactly?

When I first saw Darth Vader, I was about 8 years old. And I involuntarily pushed myself backwards into my seat.

Great villains make great heroes, they say.

But what does make a character into an icon, especially a villain or an antihero?


Visual footprint.

And given the fact that Vader has less than 10 minutes on-screen in each of the originals — episodes IV through VI — you can understand why Darth Vader dominates the Star Wars saga.

It feels like this big, physical presence in…

Netflix? HBO Go? Disney+? Oh, you mean cable?

Can someone ever kill online piracy?

Well, haven’t the past 10 years told us that nobody actually can?

But it can sure be made irrelevant, by streaming platforms.

Or can it?

Right now, if you want to watch The Witcher, Billions, Stranger Things, Killing Eve and The Mandalorian, you’re going to need a lot of accounts. For a bunch of streaming platforms.

Netflix, HBO Go, Disney+, Amazon Prime, CBS All-Access, Hulu and Apple TV+ would run you at over $70 per month.

Streaming platforms have taken the internet by storm. And…

the speck of dust became defiant

when winds came shifting and stormed by

the speck of dust is self reliant

and needs no catching in the rye

the speck of dust is not compliant

with how the other specks behave

the speck of dust thinks it’s an island

and has no business with the wind

the speck of dust is fierce but pious

in search of specks that hate to fly

the speck of dust loses its balance

when almost all of them decline

the speck of dust dreamt an alliance

with other specks that hate to fly

but now…

This is a series.

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Foreshadowing in Harry Potter

To say that Harry Potter has an enormous amount of foreshadowing is an understatement.

The whole series is one big fat foreshadowing:

  • Hagrid’s foreshadowing of Sirius Black, in the prologue of Book 1, when he’s delivering baby Harry, with the help of “young Sirius Black’s” motorcycle. This is actually saying “young Sirius Black is a good guy, he wouldn’t rat out the Potters.”
  • Or that time, when Harry had a horrible feeling that Snape can read minds. Guess what we find out Snape is…

This is a series.

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How JK Rowling used Mystery

Harry Potter reminds us of the classic Sherlock Holmes.

If you’ve been seduced by the secret superpower of deduction logic, a la Sherlock Holmes, then you now know why reading Harry Potter is such an adrenaline rush.

The Harry Potter books are a perfect balancing act of telling a mystery story without being obvious.

Let’s see how.

Recognizable character descriptions

The most compelling part of a story is a character. No author could ever create a compelling mystery, if they didn’t have great, recognizable characters.

This is…

Ben Crimson

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